Our Story

Our Story

Central Taranaki Automotive is a local business and is owned by Kevan & Wendy Old. We brought the business 10 years ago, as the business has grown, we have employed extra staff. Kevan Old is an Auto Technician and has been in the trade for 38 years specializing in Toyota vehicles. Wendy Old does the day to day running of the office and taking care of the customers needs, Gary Old & Isaiah Hemopo are both auto technicians, Ricky Howells is in his 3rd year apprenticeship, Matthew Edser is a 1st year apprentice, Deanna Old helps Wendy in the office with the ordering of parts and invoicing, Lukah Phillips is in charge of preparing the site for the day to day operation.

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Meet our awesome team

Meet our awesome team

Kevan Old

Kevan Old is also an auto technician and has been in the trade for over 38 years.

Wendy Old

Wendy Old does the day to day running of the office and she also does the accounting, bookings, and ordering parts.

Deanna Old

Deanna Old has been with us for 3 years and helps Wendy in the office doing invoicing and customer care requirements and also our social media.

Gary Old

Gary Old is a qualified auto technician with many years experiences.

Isaiah Hemopo

Isaiah Hemopo is one of our qualified auto technicians. .

Matthew Edser

Matthew Edser is now our 1st year apprentice .

Ricky Howells

Ricky Howells is a 3rd year apprentice.

Lukah Phillips

Lukah Phillips is in charge of preparing the site for the day-to-day operation


Our vision for the future is to continue growing the business, supporting our customers and being able to provide a professional automotive repair service.


Our mission is to serve our customers by going above and beyond, to inspire and build the self-confidence of team members and to grow the business success with honesty and integrity.


Our aim is that every employee goes home healthy and safe every day and works in an environment in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. We promote a positive attitude towards safety within the team.


Our vision is to be a role model for sustainable business for the small and medium business sector, with a commitment to continual improvement. We look to be recognized in the market place as being environmentally conscious, by clearly demonstrating the actions we take.

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